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Pursuant to California Health and Safety Code Division 5, Part 3, Chapter 3, Section 4700, Triunfo Sanitation District was organized November 12, 1963 as a special district to provide sanitation services for the southeastern portion of Ventura County. Covering approximately 50 square miles, the District serves about 30,100 people. Triunfo Sanitation District is governed by a board of five directors, elected at large, and provides wastewater collection and treatment, supplies potable water, and treats and sells recycled water. The wastewater is treated in partnership with Las Virgenes Municipal Water District. Potable water is supplied to Triunfo-owned Oak Park Water Service. Triunfo Sanitation District contracts with Ventura Regional Sanitation District for administration, operation, and management services. Ventura Regional Sanitation District is located at 1001 Partridge Drive, Suite 150, Ventura, CA 93003 (
Service Area
Triunfo Sanitation District serves Oak Park, Lake Sherwood, Bell Canyon, and the Westlake Village and North Ranch portions of Thousand Oaks.  Click here for service area map.

Wastewater Collection and Treatment – Triunfo Sanitation District operates 120 miles of pipelines for wastewater collection. There are 4 pump stations and ½ mile of pressure mains that feed into the Tapia Water Reclamation Facility (jointly owned by Triunfo and Las Virgenes Municipal Water District), which has a treatment capacity of 16 million gallons per day. The District maintains 12,300 sewer service connections (85% residential, 10% retail, and 5% commercial).

Potable Water DistributionOak Park Water Service is owned and operated by Triunfo Sanitation District. It has 4 water storage tanks (5.6 million-gallon capacity) and 41 miles of pipeline to deliver more than 80 million gallons of potable water each month to approximately 14,000 residents of Oak Park. 

Recycled Water Production and Distribution – The Tapia Water Reclamation Facility (jointly owned by Triunfo and Las Virgenes Municipal Water District) produces recycled water for irrigation of golf courses, school grounds, parks, homeowner association common areas, and street landscaping. Triunfo Sanitation District provides an average of 26 million gallons of this recycled water each month through 5.4 miles of pipeline and 116 customer connections.